Enviromental safety

JCS "Trust KXM" as one of the leaders of design in the Russian construction industry believes that environmental friendliness is one of its most important tasks when constructing facilities.

JSC "Trust KXM" performs construction work so that it eliminates environmental impact due to observance of the environmental laws of the Russian Federation, compliance with the internal corporate regulations and standards concerning environment protection and conservation.

Environmental protection and safety responsibilities have been made obligatory to meet for not only JSC "Trust KXM" Management Boards but also our subcontracting partners.

The managerial staff of JSC "Trust KXM" that is responsible for environmental decision making, possesses all relevant knowledge and competence. Advanced training as a part of State Extended Education Programs have been completed obligatorily.

Environmental protection measures are planned and implemented by JSC "Trust KXM" both on the preparatory pre-mobilization stage and in the course of construction work at site.

Every three years, the Company undergoes a voluntary certification to prove its compliance with international standard ISO 14001:2004 "Environmental Management System"