Big oil of the field for the benefit of the Motherland

   CPF (central production facility), which is the heart of Novoportovskoye field, was started up on August 8, 2016.

   Participation of "Trust Koksokhimmontazh", JSC in the project execution was started in March, 2016.

   In order to reduce the construction time "Trust KXM", JSC fabricated more than 665 tons of structural steel on its factories and delivered it to the facility along the winter motor roads, the needed technical resources were mobilized.

   More than 90 kilometers of pipelines were installed and tested during 4 months (15500 joints of different diameter from 18 mm to 1220 mm), 27 kilometers of different cable products were pulled.Total mass of the installed structural steel is equal to 1720 tons. 20 cranes were involved in execution of works; number of specialists during the peak period was equal to 900 persons per day.

   Under the tight deadlines, at close cooperation with the services of Client, "Trust KXM", JSC fulfilled the contract obligations on project execution and provided oil-in just in time.