"Koksokhim-Elektromontazh" supplies LED lighting

  The production association "Koksokhim-Elektromontazh" (KHEM) is engaged in the development and production of innovative lighting systems based on LEDs. The association has considerable experience in lighting various objects, including such as: industrial enterprises, construction sites, agricultural complexes, shopping centers, warehouses, car dealerships, etc.

 In 14 months, 3993 LED lamps of the KAM-LED series were manufactured and delivered to the facilities. Of these: 3521 pcs. for production, warehouse and outdoor areas, and 472 pcs. for office premises.
 Evgeny Myasishchev, General Director of Koksohim-Elektromontazh LLC, noted that LED technologies are actively used in lighting in various regions. "This is an energy-saving technology that is one of the most efficient of all light sources."

 The manufactured equipment has all the necessary declarations and certificates. The luminous flux, efficiency, luminous intensity curve, color rendering, color temperature, power supplies, design and other special requirements (chemical resistance, special bracket, length of the supply wire, etc.) are optionally and individually selected for the customer.
 LEDs from leading brand manufacturers (OSRAM, CREE, NICHIA, SAMSUNG, SEUOL) are used in production. Power supplies of leading world and domestic brands (PHILIPS, MEANWELL, MOONS), made specifically for Russian electrical networks, are resistant to voltage fluctuations and meet all the requirements of regulatory documentation. All lamps have diffusers or lenses with a safe glow for human vision.
 Sergey Fufaev, General Director of Trust Koksokhimmontazh, believes that the use of modern energy-saving technologies for lighting large construction projects can reduce energy costs by millions of rubles for each large object.