Koksokhimmontazh took part in races on "dragons"

 On July 2, the annual Dragon class rowing competitions took place in the water area of the Konstantinovsky quarry in Tver.
 More than 40 teams with the participation of athletes from different countries came to the start, for many of whom this was the first major competition. Boats with ten rowers, a helmsman and a drummer on board participated in the 200-meter sprint race. This year, teams of partners and branches from different regions of the country, as well as representatives of China, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Belarus participated. All participants successfully reached the finish line, showing the will to win and good results.The competition for prizes was fierce. After the qualifying races, the quarterfinal, and then the semifinal and final races of four boats each were held.

 Koksokhimmontazh could not ignore such an important event and took part with pleasure, demonstrating his physical fitness, endurance and special team cohesion. The KHM team showed excellent results, surpassing most of its rivals and took the 3rd prize. We congratulate the team members on a brilliant victory and wish them to move only forward.

 Such events contribute to strengthening the culture of corporate sports in the company. Sport increases the purposefulness and efficiency of the team, and also contributes to maintaining good physical shape.