LLC "Koksokhimmontazh – Ural" celebrates its anniversary

 In 1942, the front was in desperate need of metal. In this difficult time of war, the People's Commissariat ordered the creation of a network of organizations of a special construction and installation part of the "Koksokhimmontazh" of Glavchermetstroy. So in Chelyabinsk, a special construction and installation department No. 6 was created. The management faced a difficult task with the help of the simplest technical equipment in the shortest possible time to give the front much-needed support from the rear. Despite the extremely low level of mechanization, the task was performed with dignity: coke batteries No. 1 and No. 2 with a full complex of coal preparation and trapping workshops were put into operation within a short period of time.

Gradually, production grew, became more and more modern, the most progressive projects were implemented. A mechanized refractory warehouse appeared in Chelyabinsk, then a mortar unit was installed, allowing the use of container supplies of mertel. In the 60s, at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant during the construction of coke oven battery No. 7, for the first time in practice, backup hogs made of heat-resistant reinforced concrete were manufactured and installed, a workshop installation for rolling tanks and manufacturing mounting installations was also installed.

The company has maintained the status of one of the leaders in its field for many years and has mastered new areas of activity: "Tank construction with technological pipelines" at the facilities of the largest Russian companies.

Following the requirements of the time, the company was reorganized into a company that in recent years has been producing and supplying metal structures for the development of a number of deposits: Yaro-Yakhinsky, Novoportovsky, Severo-Russian, Yarudeysky, Salmanovsky (Morning), Yuzhno-Tambeysky, Harbeysky; a natural gas liquefaction plant (LNG) in Magnitogorsk.

- The work of the Ural enterprise is a vivid example of preserving and multiplying the best traditions of Russian and Soviet industry, which has passed years of difficulties and trials, but has maintained a high quality standard, customers note.