In Cherepovets, a monument to the coke-chemical installer has been opened

 On the territory of the Cherepovets enterprise "Koksokhimelectromontazh" on the Northern highway, a sculpture of a coke-chemical installer has been opened.

 The sculpture was erected in memory of the unique industrial builders of Russia – coke-chemical installers, and represents a collective image of a welder, installer, refractor and builder

 Coke chemical installers are builders who erect the most complex industrial facilities - coke batteries. As it is known, coke is used for iron smelting and steel production, being an indispensable raw material for metallurgy.
 A park has been landscaped around the sculpture, pine and thuja trees have been planted, pedestrian paths have been equipped and benches have been installed.
 - For decades, large industrial and construction enterprises have been operating on Vologda land, which have become the basis of the region's economy and the place of work of thousands of residents - says Sergey Fufaev, General Director of Trust Koksokhimmontazh JSC – With this sculpture we emphasize great respect for the glorious traditions of industrial construction of our country, we pay tribute to those people who built large industrial facilities back in the days of industrialization, supported our industry during the war years, and now they are helping to put into operation the most modern facilities. Loyalty to traditions is very important! These are the staples that cement both successful production activities and people's relationships to each other. Because this is the base, the foundation, with which you can build any object.
 The opening ceremony was attended by directors of coke chemical and construction companies from different regions of Russia.