Yaro-Yakhinsk field. Putting into operation

Yaro-Yakhinsk field developed by OJSC “ARKTIKGAS” has been put into operation. JSC “Trust Koksokhimmontazh” has completed construction of facilities in our area of responsibility. Facilities pertaining to Yaro-Yakhinsk field development include: “Complex gas treatment Plant”, “Gas condensate de-ethanization Plant”, “Compressor station”. Taking into account specific character of facilities associated with gas technologies it should be mentioned that pertinent works were characterized by the necessity to handle large quantities of heavy equipment units, to install complexicated process pipe work including HP pipe work. Total amount of equipment erected – more than 3000 tones, process pipelines – more than 3500 tones. Besides, JSC “Trust Koksokhimmontazh” area of responsibility included construction procurement activities which covered 90% of entire material and technical resources from pile pipes to high-tech automation facilities.

Complexity of works was caused by polar climate and by extremely tight works schedule. Peak of construction works involved up to 1900 workers and engineering staff. Well coordinated work of Customer and JSC “Trust Koksokhimmontazh” skillful teams provided for works completion within less than 12 months.

According to what was planned, the Yaro-Yakhinsk field will achieve the planned production level amounting to ca 7.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.3 million tones of de-euthanized gas condensate annually. The Yaro-Yakhinsk field of “NOVATEK” of “ARKTIKGAZ” Company is making considerable contribution in completing the vertically integrated gas condensate production chain.