Start Up of "Urea + Gas Turbine Power Plant"

' I sincerely thank everybody for the work done. The plant meets all the requirements of international standards. This is the first Russian project on integration of industrial production and electric energy generation in the mineral fertilizer industry', Dmitry Medvedev said.

JSC "Trust Koksokhimmontazh" as the General Contractor have performed the following work for the construction period:1. Earthwork (drainage excavation, backfilling) - more than 125,000 m32. Reinforced concrete structures built - 10,140 m33. Assembly of metal structures - 4,150 t4. Installation of equipment and pipelines - more than 2,000 t5. Construction of envelopes, Sandwich panels - 9,600 m2.The number of the personnel involved in the construction work by the General Contractor amounted to 600 persons.Unique features of the new production facility are determined not only by the extremely short construction period, but also by application of the best available technologies and advanced materials. This brings the Plant to a new level of energy efficiency, cost-effective use of resources, environmental safety and labor productivity. According to the adjusted energy consumption (heat and electric power), without considering electric power generation, the new production facility, as estimated by the experts, is 12% more efficient as compared with those ones already operating in Russia.