The construction of the 1st stage of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium Marine Terminal Expansion is completed

In the photo from left to right: Chuljukov M.V., Medvedovsky D.V., Mezer V.A., Murinov S.I., Lisin I.Ju., Brunich N.G.

CJSC «Caspian Pipeline Consortium-R» completed construction of the First Stage of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium Marine Terminal Expansion including Tank Farm (TF) and Onshore Facilities (OF) capacity increase.

CPC Marine Terminal expansion within the frameworks of JSC “Trust Koksokhimmontazh” scope of work includes the following: change of the mountainous environment to the conventionally flat surface of 75 hectares total area; construction of motor-roads of 18,5 km long; construction of production and administration buildings complex; 9,5 km subsurface pipelining with DN up to1400 mm, 18 km of utility networks with DN up to 700 mm, 580 km of electrical cables; construction of more than 250 monolith wells; installation of 24 lightning rods, pig traps with piping at OF and other facilities, as well as 6 new tanks with floating roof of 1 000 000 m3 capacity.

Soil excavation

On September 24th, 2015, a pilot crude oil loading from the new tank constructed within the Expansion Project frameworks took place at the CPC Marine Terminal near Novorossiysk.

Now the CPC oil depot terminal has been expanded from four to seven Vertical Steel Floating Roof Tanks VSFRT-100000 m³. Representatives of the Consortium share-holders and the company management headed by Nikolay Brunich, General Director, took part in the festive ceremony dedicated to this event. The Novorossiysk administration officials were represented by the Municipal entity Head Vladimir Sinyagovsky, and the General Contractor was represented by Vladimir Mezer, the Project Manager (Trust Koksokhimmontazh).

– I am happy and proud to open the ceremony dedicated to completion of all construction and installation works and transfer of three 100000 m3 capacity tanks to complex run-up at our facility. When all people and departments are aiming at the result, everything can be achieved. And especially at the finalizing stage I saw in the eyes of our workers the wish to complete facilities on time and with good quality and at the same time not to violate labour safety, industrial and environmental protection requirements, – Nikolay Brunich said.

The construction and installation works on TF and OF expansion within the frameworks of the CPC Expansion Project started in 2011. At the present time three steel giants more are under construction. As the result the total capacity of the oil depot terminal will make 1 million m³.

In 2013 in the course of the Expansion Project implementation the third single-point mooring (SPM-3) and the third pig trap at the OF were put into operation. Sequential growth of the Tank Farm capacity will make it possible to substantially increase the volume of oil transfer via the CPC terminal and will allow to reach the planned 67 million tons per year after the Expansion Project completion, and with the flow improvers – that will make 76 million tons.

Installation of the first tank ring

– We even took our construction workers engaged in the city facilities construction here and showed them how one shall work through the example of your engineers and workers – that is a high culture of production, ecological and industrial safety at your enterprises, – Vladimir Sinyagovsky marked.

– We are very grateful to the CPC share-holders and CPC-R management for confidence in our team implementing this project as the general contractor, - Vladimir Mezer informed, - It is noteworthy that first four tanks V= 100 000 m3 in Russia were constructed by KXM for the Caspian Pipeline Consortium in Novorossiysk in 1999-2001. Four similar VSFRT more were constructed by us in the Primorsk Territory (Sakhalin 1 Project – 2 units) and on the island Sakhalin (Sakhalin 2 Project – 2 units). Thus, today I can note with pride that all active 100 000 m3 tanks in Russia are constructed by specialists of our company.

The CPC pipeline system is one of the largest investment projects in the field of energy production with foreign funds investment on the territory of CIS countries. The length of the pipeline connecting oil deposits of the West Kazakhstan with the Marine Terminal in Novorossiysk makes 1 511 km. The CPC Marine Terminal is equipped with the mooring accessories making it possible to load tankers safely at the considerable distance from the shore, and at nonfavorable weather conditions.

Ready tank V=100 000 m3