Mini Football Summer Cup 2021

 On July 26, 2021, a mini-football tournament organized by the Russian Light Association took place in Moscow at the Lokomotiv Stadium.
 A serious fight was waged throughout the tournament, adding even more fire to this already hot day. However, it is worth noting that none of the players chose a tough style of play. Everything was within the framework of a beautiful amateur football.
 The team members who come to the competition are distinguished by their special approach to the selection of players: to play for the team at the tournament is an honor for employees of all companies and a great responsibility.
 The main purpose of the event is team building, strengthening team spirit and maintaining regular physical culture. The team of "Koksokhimontazh" played at a decent level, showing endurance, strong-willed qualities and perseverance. Participation in such tournaments carries with its task not only a sporting load, but also provides invaluable experience for well-coordinated interaction between players, which is important on the field and at work.
 Congratulations to the team of "Trust Koksokhimmontazh" with a decent game and wish you further success in the sports and professional field!