Start Up of Coke Oven Battery No. 7 at the Cherepovets Steel Mill

Today, Coke Oven Battery No 7 has been put into operation at Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel making plants in the world. The cost of the project is about 4.5 bln rubles.

'The new facility will produce 700 thousand tons of coke per year, that is for 100 thousand tons more than it was produced by old Coke Oven Battery No. 7 prior to reconstruction. Due to putting the Battery into operation, Cherepovets Steel Mill will be able to raise production of its own coke for 15%, AleksandrGrubman, General Director of Severstal Russian Steel Division, commented.

Coke Oven Battery N7 (CB-7) is newly built on the location area of the old facility which was completely dismounted to the foundation slab. 10 coke machines, which enable to load the coal charge, discharge and load coke, quench coke by the coke dry-quenching (CDQ) plant, have been replaced; infrastructure and environmental facilities have been newly constructed.

JSC "Trust Koksokhimmontazh", Moscow performed as a General Contractor of the project.

During the construction, technical innovations, which will provide an additional environmental effect, were applied. Particularly, in combination with CB-7, a dust-free coke-discharge unit was built (similar units have been already installed on three of the eight Coke Oven Batteries). One of the innovations is a new gas withdrawal system (collecting gas main with hydro injection) which enables smoke-free coal inflow into the coking chamber of the Coke Oven Battery.

Due to these and other technical solutions, CB-7 dust emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced for about 90% that is about 600 tons per year.

The new facility will be operated by 34 persons. In order to improve the operating personnel's working conditions, new production facilities are equipped with an automated control system, manual labor mechanization and safe operating procedures.

Along with CB-7, the work within another investment project "By-Product Recovery Plant No. 2 Reconstruction" have been completed, which allowed to put Coke Oven Battery No. 7 in operation using purified coke gas.